Men's Basketball Program Philosophy

It is the Johnson State College men’s basketball program goal to form an environment for all of our members to succeed as a person.  Each individual that has involvement with our program we feel we should help make better people than if they hadn’t had the experience with our program.  We will work with all to develop their character, values, work ethic, and consideration for others.  We want Johnson State men’s basketball players to be positive members of our campus and community while at Johnson and certainly after graduation.


We desire that our guys strive for excellence in the classroom.  We can do this by making sure we have the best possible attendance to classes, by getting to know professors, being engaged in classroom dialogue, getting work done in a timely fashion, and managing time appropriately outside of classes.  To see each young man receive their degree is this program’s aim.


Next we want to help make every young man the best basketball player they can be.  Reaching their full potential as a player is our goal, to play together with their team, understand the lessons that can be learned from being a part of this team, and to fulfill their role on this team.